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abc2news at eleven. our nor'easter is still churning precipitation. where are you likely to face slick roads? the forecast is next. >> this is today when they turned the water off. >> another water main break makes things difficult for commuters. >> would you know what to take with you if you evacuated your home energ webegin with what's going on outside. it feels like it's going to snow. >> you saw some flakes already. what's the storm going to do to us? >> i think we're going to continue to see some impact. maybe some snow action towards the northeastern corner. scattered wintery showers will continue across at least the
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central part of maryland. the eastern shore. any accumulations we predict for the northeast corner. back through maybe northern kent. there's a little snow mixing in, most melting on contact because the good news is this most of all of the ground temperatures and air temperatures are just at and above freezing. we can get close to freezing by daybreak, so there could be some highs for the morning commute. more straight ahead. the barclay break. >> the waiter main break sent sit water on city have streets. jeff hager joins us from the area that was hit the hardest. jeff, what do you have for us? >> the simple answers is that there have been no repairs thus
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far. the first order of business is to actually shut down the water from that five foot main. you're gonna see we have the water flowing pretty freely, the water running down hill on north charles street all the way to north avenue. we understand that work has been suspended for the night because othe winds and the rain coming down. it appears it may take some time to get this area back to normal. >> reporter: had-heavy machinery claws at the earth where a massive water main dating back to the 20s has now sent torrents of water streaming. >> we have most of the water shut down. it's a situation of turning a few more valves. you can't just turn it on and off. some people may see a bit of
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cloudiness. >> in the near by senior apartments, when residents like this, check their faucets that cloudy water looked like a mudslide. >> like that when i first turned it on and all this dirt came out. >> reporter: water from the main trapped some cars as sink holes charmed beneath the streets -- swarmed beneath the is streets, forcing alter that paths. thursday morning's traffic will face the same challenge. >> if you're heading east and west you want to go far field, take 25th. the further you are away. from maryland avenue it will be packed tomorrow. just move a little further away. usually jfx.
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>> reporter: the long ago began -- there's no way around an an occasional break. it mays to have patientance until repairs can be comfleeted. >> that might have all the minerals your body needs. >> we're back live. you're looking at the water flowing down north charles street. when we talked about the peril, 17 feet down, 5-foot wide pipe and there are gas lines intertwined underneath. so they certainly want to make sure until daybreak and get down here and see what they can do so they don't turn this into something worse than we already have. if we think back to the water main break that we had on light street, while they're down here and are having to get down and repair this, they're going to look at everything else and try to do any repairs necessary in this quadrant while they're already down there.
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so it may take some time. reporting live, jeff hager. >> looks like lake charles. when our pipes are older than our grandmother, this is not the last break. let's look back. let's count them. you have the one on light street. that took weeks to fix. and then a week later there was one on monument which later caused a huge sinkhole and then just last week one on cold spring and york road. >> this is going to cause traffic problems for a while. >> the cold temperatures out there are only going to cause more problems for the massive break in the barclay neighborhood. it could lead to icy conditions between north seven 20th as well as many other roads affected due to the flooding.
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this is massive. 60inches all together so you want to avoid the neighborhood for quite a while. repairs are not expected to be done anytime soonyour best alternates are calvert as well as 83. justice for a teenage girl shot in the head and left for dead. according to police at the hand of her would boyfriend. the 18-year-old was still in her school uniform when shot last month. in the weeks up to her death police say that she had opened up to friends and family that she's been in a abusive relationship, but unfortunately it was too late. there is help available. you can start with a call to 911 if it's happening right away. if you suspect a friend or
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family member is bebeing abused, we have questions that can save your life. 30 people are being helped after they watched their apartment build. if you looked at the community, you would think how did anyone make it out with a scratch. a quick decision was made to get out for the firefighters. it was just too unsafe inside. there was another fire in a building about 140 feet and the buildings are in the same complex. 23 families had to find another home because of this fire. >> new charges for sheludixon. dixon is more than $13,000 behind in payment she's required to make to sharety.
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>> it was a very dark time. in baltimore's history. and the fact we're talking about it now with the potential violation of probation. >> she referred to the conviction as a fall from grace. we were finding out yesterday at this time that president obama was about to win reelection. >> here we're after election day with a nation that won't rest. it's back to work for the president who arrived back at the white house for four more years and immediate challenges. >> i return to the white house more determined and inspired about the work to do. >> reporter: immigration reform, jobs and the number one
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priority? those tax cuts set to expire on midnight on new year's eve. signs of potential compromise from jobs democrats. >> the majority here in the house stands ready to work with you. >> i will do everything in my power to be as conciliatory as possible. i want to work together. >> the president will also still have to work directly with paul ryan who won reelection in wisconsin as a represent. but this new congress will have a new feel. elizabeth warren and tammy bald win the first openly way -- >> women, we'll see whether that's true. there are women who are a little more from the extremes of their parties to the women
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they're replacing. >> saying he wants to do everything he can to help the president succeed. not as liberal, but rather as a leader who could bring everyone together. do you recognize the dress michelle obama wore for last night? she's worn the dress two times before. and believe it or not it's actually a move that's earning her rave reviews. that's our hot topic tonight. we want to know if you're a fan of this move. find us on facebook and we want to know about how you feel about michelle obama wearing the same dress again over in public. picture this. you've been told you have to get out, get out of your home in ten minutes. >> that's not long. in fact that's how long abc2news has been on the air now. what do you take with you?
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important documents? it's a question that people have faced with severe weather in recent weeks. charley crowson works with you tonight. >> it's been a week since sandy destroyed homes and neighborhoods and thousands with no where to go. and it's the pleas that are often the most heartbreaking. >> we have nothing. >> reporter: while the peak of the storm missed maryland by just 100 miles we're just as vonnerrable to disaster here large and small. to give yourself the best chance, you need to prepare and do it now. >> you need to be prepared to take care of yourself for the first 48 hours. >> reporter: you'll want plenty of water and food.
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>> if you have to get out early a disaster go kit is essential. >> reporter: it should include >> put it in the trunk. it's safe out there. with you at all times and you don't have to think. >> now that you have your kit ready you want to think about keeping your social security birth certificates and photographs protected at all times. you may have relied on a fire box or burned to a dvd. >> mickoens has been familiar with a virtual safety net for quite some time. >> it's getting to the point where every day users can use it. >> reporter: he says it couldn't be easier to navigate. as your upload your photographs, instead of just lubing them on your computer,
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you back those photos up to your cloud account. >> it's like a magical deposit box. >> reporter: it works easily for scanned documents and when it's saved to the cloud, it's not kept in just one place. >> the price tag for cloud's storage varies depending upon what you choose. but when it comes to the best providers, it's up to you. >> apple is a big name in it with their icloud, but google has a version. windows has a version. >> reporter: while you have no control in disasters like these you may finally have a say on what is valuable safe both on the ground and in the cloud. >> well it's all about planning, and coming up, mapping out your black friday plans. >> we're going to give you a sneak peek at the store sales.
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>> have you downloaded storm shield yet? you can get push alerts to your home town. >> misery strikes again in new york. here comes another storm.
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a man accused for making that film causing violence in the middle east was sentence to one year of prison because he is an alias from a 2010 bank fraud case. here we are a week into november and if you aren't thinking about holiday shopping you're already behind. >> you have that right. john has a sneak peek at the sales you need to see. >> black friday is just three weeks away and that means the long ads are starting to leak
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out. the latest, del computer and dollar general. the biggest stores like toys r us remain a mystery for now, but we're starting to see things from other stores. among them dollar general and dell computers. dell will be selling laptops for just $299 and desktops for $249. dollar general will feature by one hot wheels car and get one free. and half price christmas trees and ornaments. has just opened its black friday store and is planning a different deal online from now through november 23ered, so you may not have to wait. for more reports, go to my web page at don't waste your money. >> if you plan on going to
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grandma's for thanksgiving you can expect packed planes and high ticket prices. travelers were pay about 4% more than last year, november 35th is expected to be the busiest travel day followed by the 21st. planes will be packed 90% full on those dates. this is no joke, snow in the city. >> the storm battered areas continuing to try to get out of the sandy mess and now it has to brace for another system that will push back some of the recovery efforts. chuck shows us how people are preparing. >> reporter: just ten days after sandy a nor'easter blustered into the tristate region. normally a storm of this sort
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wouldn't be a big deal. >> this is going to be regular like we're used to. >> reporter: following on the heels of sandy the wounded landscape can't handled more rain and no and 60-mile an hour wind gusts. >> cops are telling us we have to evacuate that they're expecting another surge of water. >> reporter: in particular new jersey, the governor is worried they could get swamped for a second time. new york and west of the sit -- north and west of the city it's wet heavy snow. >> snow is crazy. got to get out of here. >> reporter: and those still shivering may have to endure for a while longer. trees have added weight of snow making them prone to toppling over.
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new power outages expected. let's look at where the nor'easter is still putting down the snow. the snow bands are not as heavy and steady as earlier but several inches of accumulation on the ground. a little more of a southern turn, we would have had more snow here. it turns out nothing more than a slushy coating on the northern part of the state. right along the water line here in hartford county down toward apg and into annapolis some showers. some over the chesapeake right
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now. in the north there could be some slick spots toward daybreak tomorrow. you can see right now most of the rain actually getting a little batch pushing south to dc, that's just temperatures too warm to support any kind of a sticking precipitation. the rain has been light. about a tenth to a quarter of an inch in a few spots. mainly rain with a little snow mixing in there. wind gusts have been around 20 today. higher at the beaches though. we're picking up 34 in aberdeen 36 in chesterten. we can see where we could easily fall below 32 degrees. those are all going to be in question for the morning commute. you're gonna be looking at the potential for some pretty ugly
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weather. it was ugly at the beach today by the way. in fact we had basically nothing but big surf rolling in as the nor'easter passed off shore. it was all rain down this way. in as far as dover they did see some pretty decent snow this afternoon. a bit of a mix is coming down and that can make for tricky conditions. 39 at bwi. coastal flood warnings continue overnight into the day tomorrow. and wind gusts of 43 in new york, 23 in philly. so it's still gusty along the coast. slowly but steadily that's going to decrease a bit. tomorrow as this area of low pressure slides out to sea we're still going to say --
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it's going to stay gusty. even as this system pushes out we will look for a breezy and cold day tomorrow. i know what you're thinking. the temperatures. well warmer air builds in on thursday and that will push into maryland. a better warmup on friday. watching carefully the rain and snow showers mixed, they will be widely scattered but there could be slick spots in the morning. you can see the scenario here with an improving picture into the mid 50s fridays. 60s for the weekend. a change in the weather pattern. we'll get cold air back next week, so enjoy that veterans weekend. >> more abc2news coming up next. >> here's a look at what we're looking at on nightline. >> the real story of barack obama and what it says about a
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changing america. we'll take a look at how blacks hispanics and single women tipped the scales. >> another powerful storm in the east coast. >> roaches and dirty conditions. abc2news reveals the worst pest problems in the baltimore malls.
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they got to see their principal kiss a pig! >> i thought that it was the least that i could do to kiss the pig and i kissed it twice. >> you didn't. >> yes she did. the event raised more than
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$12,000. we've all hurried through something only to find an embarrassing mistake. check this out. apparently the contractor laid down the wrong template. they were only paving a four lane highway. >> how embarrassing. >> make it even more confusing with those arrows. >> you wonder like they couldn't keep it straight? >> interesting. >> quick check out there. for your road in the morning wherever your road takes you, be prepared for a few slick spots because temperatures are going to be close to freezing tonight. a bit of rain and wet snow out there. just be careful in the morning.
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all right. slick spots. >> could be some early. be sure to check out good morning maryland at 4:30. they'll keep you updated. >> be safe out there. >> we'll see you tomorrow. have a good night. gaq
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